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Getting the Best Possible Light


Of all the information that we take in from our surroundings, 80% comes through our eyes. On average, central Europeans spend 90 % of their time indoors. In many cases, daylight is at least supplemented by artificial light throughout the day; in some cases it is replaced entirely.

Artificial light therefore has an important role to play. Its prime functions are undisputedly to allow people to find their way around and to offer them a high level of safety.

In addition, by making the right use of light (at workplaces for example) it is possible to reduce fatigue and encourage concentration.

In some situations, emotional effects are important. Light can be used, for example, to create an atmosphere of comfort, or relaxation or trust. Appropriate lighting can help people recover from illness or fatigue. Light can also be used to create active zones for greater awareness and decision-making.

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