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OGJG lighting specialises in manufacturing highly effective.
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    what is a high bay lighting?

    A high bay is a powerful light source that can provide a large area of light.High Bay lighting is the ideal so..

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    Why LEDs?

    They can last up to 15 years They use up to 50 percent less energy and produce less heat than inc..

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    4ft 8ft LED vapor tight

    The IP66 grade lamps are designed to replace the fluorescent lamps with lower efficiency, which is very sui..

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    Choice of color temperature

    Differentiated by function: white light is more realistic in color, and the contrast of illuminatio..

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    What is a good CRI Score?

    First understand what is the color rendering index? The color rendering index (CRI) is an indicator ..

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    Why choose led linear light?

    In recent years, led linear lights are very common in commercial lighting, office lighting, and industrial lig..

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    LED makes economic sense

    The benefits of LED lights are well-known. Still, some self-storage operators are hesitant to make the sw..

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    LED linear light materials and characteristics

    The LED line light series is a high-end flexible decorative light, which is characterized by low power c..

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