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4ft 8ft LED vapor tight


LED Vapor Tight are designed for powerful lighting in harsh environments

The IP66 grade lamps are designed to replace the fluorescent lamps with lower efficiency, which is very suitable for damp places. They are safer than fluorescent moisture-proof lamps. They will not overheat and have a longer service life of up to 50,000 hours. You can save a lot of maintenance costs and you Precious time.

Super bright, can indicate installation or lifting. You can achieve instant and bright lighting by lightly pressing the switch or easily pulling the switch. It can fully illuminate parking lots, carports, cold storage, stairwells, tunnels, food processing facilities, car wash, terraces, warehouses and other lighting places.

5 years warranty-OGJG LIGHTING, OGJG boss has 26 years of engineer experience, and provides high quality products at affordable prices, and provides 5 years warranty and professional after-sales support.

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