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what is a high bay lighting?


Heat dissipation holes, Aluminum heatsink Improve visual perception and increase comfort Attractive contemporary design Save a lot of energy T5 or T8 lights Shallow depth and structural integrity for quick installation

A high bay is a powerful light source that can provide a large area of light.High Bay lighting is the ideal solution for any location with high ceilings, like warehouses, factories,workshops, assembly lines, supermarkets, gyms, storage facilities, large conference halls, event centers, recreational facilities, and other places that have high ceilings.

When it comes to lighting up large warehouses, OGJG high bay is a High bay LED light fixture with an input power ranging from 120 – 300 watt with an efficacy rating of 110 – 130 lumens per watt. It is a dry rated fixture so it is for indoor uses only. It can come in either low or high voltage (120 – 277V and 347 – 480V). it have a 5 year warranty,and long life LEDs up to 50,000 hours! You can even extend its lifetime through the use of a 0-10v dimmer (that’s right! Its dimmable!) There is also a large selection of accessories as well, from an occupancy sensor, to a battery backup.  Depending on what wattage is desired in this LED shop light, the lumen output will be around 13,200 to 33,000 lumens.

In general, choosing led for large-scale lighting not only saves you money, but also saves time and maintenance costs.

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