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How important is aging test to LED lights?


How important is aging test to LED lights?

With the development of society, LED Light has been accepted and applied extensively in a lot of professions. As we all know, long lifespan is an important feature for LED light, however, the most durable led light will eventually age one day.

In order to avoiding quality problems, it is essential for all led lights to complete aging test in the process of production. If led lights are shipped out without aging test, the product quality cannot be guaranteed. The light probably doesn’t work at the beginning of use. In contrast, all products have been tested and proved be qualified for delivery in conformity with standard, which is the maximum protection for customers.

Our company insist that at least 24 hours aging test on 100% complete lighting fixture and 48 hours aging test on the first batch of order. We are very concerned about quality control because it will put customers at risk of faulty LED products when the light fixture is without aging test. We will still take it seriously in the future. 

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