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Name:2ft up20W down 20w LED light

Description: 5 Years Warranty, Up and Down light, Linkable, Aluminum heatsink,pc cover we focusing on providing you with LED lighting solutions


Product Description

Model No. Wattage Dimension(mm) Lumens
OG-LED20-LPC 20W 564X84X74 2100lm/2600lm
OG-LED220-LPC 40W 1193X84X74 4200lm/5200lm
OG-LED230-LPC 60W 1193X84X74 7200lm
OG-LED225-LPC 50W 1493X84X74 5250lm/6500lm
OG-LED230-LPC 60W 1493X84X74 6300lm/7800lm
OG-LED240-LPC 80W 2384X84X74 8400lm/9600lm
OG-LED260-LPC 120W 2384X84X74 14400lm
OG-LED20/20-LUPC UP:20W DOWN:20W 564X84X74 4200lm/5200lm
OG-LED10/20-LUPC UP:10W DOWN:20W 564X84X74 3150lm/3900lm
OG-LED10/30-LUPC UP:10W DOWN:30W 1193X84X74 4200lm/5200lm
OG-LED20/40-LUPC UP:20W DOWN:40W 1193X84X74 6300lm/7800lm
OG-LED40/40-LUPC UP:40W DOWN:40W 1193X84X74 8400lm/10400lm
OG-LED25/50-LUPC UP:25W DOWN:50W 1493X84X74 7875lm/9000lm
OG-LED50/50-LUPC UP:50W DOWN:50W 1493X84X74 10500lm/13000lm
OG-LED40/60-LUPC UP:40W DOWN:60W 1493X84X74 10500lm/13000lm
OG-LED60/60-LUPC UP:60W DOWN:60W 1493X84X74 12600lm/15600lm
OG-LED40/80-LUPC UP:40W DOWN:80W 2384X84X74 12600lm/15600lm
OG-LED80/80-LUPC UP:80W DOWN80W 2384X84X74 16800lm/20800lm
OG-LED60/120-LUPC UP:60W DOWN:120W 2384X84X74 21600lm

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