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Name:2FT 4FT 40W up and down LED Pendant light

Description: 5 Years Warranty, Up and Down light, Linkable, Aluminum heatsink,pc cover. You can customize the size, color temperature and function of the linear light, focusing on providing you with LED lighting solutions


2FT 4FT 40W up and down  LED Pendant light

Thoughtful design features for easy installation

Model No. Wattage Dimension(mm) Lumens
OG-LED20-LPC 20W 564X84X74 2100lm/2600lm
OG-LED220-LPC 40W 1193X84X74 4200lm/5200lm
OG-LED230-LPC 60W 1193X84X74 7200lm
OG-LED225-LPC 50W 1493X84X74 5250lm/6500lm
OG-LED230-LPC 60W 1493X84X74 6300lm/7800lm
OG-LED240-LPC 80W 2384X84X74 8400lm/9600lm
OG-LED260-LPC 120W 2384X84X74 14400lm
OG-LED20/20-LUPC UP:20W DOWN:20W 564X84X74 4200lm/5200lm
OG-LED10/20-LUPC UP:10W DOWN:20W 564X84X74 3150lm/3900lm
OG-LED10/30-LUPC UP:10W DOWN:30W 1193X84X74 4200lm/5200lm
OG-LED20/40-LUPC UP:20W DOWN:40W 1193X84X74 6300lm/7800lm
OG-LED40/40-LUPC UP:40W DOWN:40W 1193X84X74 8400lm/10400lm
OG-LED25/50-LUPC UP:25W DOWN:50W 1493X84X74 7875lm/9000lm
OG-LED50/50-LUPC UP:50W DOWN:50W 1493X84X74 10500lm/13000lm
OG-LED40/60-LUPC UP:40W DOWN:60W 1493X84X74 10500lm/13000lm
OG-LED60/60-LUPC UP:60W DOWN:60W 1493X84X74 12600lm/15600lm
OG-LED40/80-LUPC UP:40W DOWN:80W 2384X84X74 12600lm/15600lm
OG-LED80/80-LUPC UP:80W DOWN80W 2384X84X74 16800lm/20800lm
OG-LED60/120-LUPC UP:60W DOWN:120W 2384X84X74 21600lm

led pendant linear series by OGJG provides clean lines of light with a simple easy-to-use design. it is ideal for a variety of architectural environments. also is ideal for classroom, school, meeting room, showroom and display room.

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